Deliver more pipeline in less time

Khronos is a B2B marketing agency helping clients plan, build, and execute account-based go-to-market programs.

Our Story

We saw a better way. After ten years and hundreds of millions in revenue generated together, Daniel, Mick, and Frank took the leap and started Khronos. A unique blend of Fortune 200 lean manufacturing and the fail-fast venture capital approach underpins our vision – to be the agency clients love to work with because we are the most successful and efficient at helping them understand and engage their market.

The Khronos story was born out of our desire to pursue the projects we love and build programs we're proud of. Today we build holistic account-based programs that deliver cutting-edge capability and real pipeline faster and more efficiently than anyone.

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Our guiding principles

Time is the most valuable resource

Proven frameworks drive optimal results

Account-based strategies deliver better pipeline

Led by a team with a diverse mix of industries and academic backgrounds.


Biomedical Engineering
Data Science
Electrical Engineering
MBA Analytics


Agile Software Development
Biotechnology / Life Science
Cyber Security
High Tech Hardware
Medical Devices
Medical Software / Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Why Khronos?

Chronos (/ˈkroʊnɒs/; Greek: Χρόνος, [kʰrónos], "time"), also spelled Khronos or Chronus, is a personification of time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature.[1]

Time is the one resource you can't get more of. Khronos was built out of the belief that time is the most valuable resource, which drives our passion for enabling cutting-edge marketing capability faster than anyone. Speed, repeatability, and long-term results underpin our focus on delivering best-in-class time to value.