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Account-Based Marketing

Repeatable Results Faster

We are a marketing agency helping B2B companies rapidly validate, refine, and execute their go-to-market strategy by running targeted account-based programs that deliver real pipeline.



of marketers say ABM has higher ROI than other marketing activities.



of companies refer to ABM as a B2B Marketing must-have



lift in Win Rate seen, on average, by ABM practitioners

Right-sized ABM for every B2B stage

Establish market validation

Develop your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), collect comprehensive data sets, and establish scalable positioning, ensuring your strategy is data-driven and targeted.

Prioritize where
to focus

Align leadership, marketing, and sales on which accounts, personas, and campaigns to prioritize with a proven account-based go-to-market process.

Accelerate time to market

Rapidly launch a successful program without needing to hire experienced ABM staff, buy expensive software, or make costly mistakes.

Increase your
team’s bandwidth

Gain additional bandwidth that can be quickly scaled up and pivoted as your business environment and goals evolve.

"Our partnership with Khronos underpins our effort to enable success via the strategic application of technology and process to target, engage, and convert accounts at scale, bringing cutting-edge revenue operations to our go-to-market approach."​

Balaji Nedurumalli

"Khronos lives up to its promise of scalable, repeatable account-based marketing process. Within weeks of kicking off our engagement, we had begun adopting the Khronos approach across our entire business."​

Julian Salazar

"Khronos has accelerated our account-based marketing efforts at PrecisionHawk. Within the first three months, we saw three times the engagements from our target accounts at a fifth of the cost versus the prior year."

Jared Brickman

"The team at Khronos are clear frontrunners in the ABM community, consistently pushing the field forward and backing it up with impressive results." ​

Sangram Vajre

A Proven Go-to-Market Process

Rapidly validate your ideal customer, accelerate focused campaigns, and develop quality pipeline by making mature demand generation programs achievable and repeatable through scalable, nimble, data-driven methodologies.

Define Campaign Objectives

Create a campaign brief with clearly stated objectives so that executives, sales, and marketing, are tightly aligned.

Specify ICP and Personas

Our strategists help you create an actionable ideal customer profile (ICP) and personas to focus your program on the accounts and people that will deliver the most revenue.

Personalize Messaging

We work with your team to create messaging targeted and personalized to your ideal persona’s needs and desires.

Identify Target Accounts and Contacts

Research analyst identify accounts and contacts that meet your ICP and personas to provide you with full market visibility and campaign coverage.

Prepare Technology

Technology experts implement any additional technology and integrate systems into your current technology stack.

Create Content

Campaign managers work with your team to develop engaging content, ads, and landing pages for your account-based campaigns.

Start Campaign

Targeted personas are served relevant ads, emails, and content.

Gather Insights

We gather insights to see which contact engage with your content, landing pages, and website to deliver actionable insights back to you.

Begin Sales Outreach

Our business development reps (BDRs) leverage those insights to schedule meetings for your sales team to target personas from your engaged accounts.

Optimize Program

Khronos continually executes a comprehensive testing and optimization strategy to hone in on the segments, personas, and messaging that are performing the best to ensure your program delivers the best results.